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Mixproof Valves


Mixproof Valves are actualin anyhygienicproduction wheremixing of different products is not allowedand where must be prevented any possiblecontamination of the product from unhygienicenvironments.Mixproof Valvedesigneliminatesthe possibility of leakageof the product andprovides optimalhygienic conditions.MixproofAPVvalvesare represented by suchmodels: DA3 +, DE3, DKR, SD4/SDM4





DA3+ Mixproof Valves


SPX introduces the new APV DELTA DA3+ double-seat mixproof valve: a modern, ultra-hygienic double-seat valve, designed to meet the most extreme demands of the hygienic processing industries all over the world. The new valve is free from operating leakages, safe from pressure hammers and has integrated seat lift cylinders. During its design, we placed great emphasis on developing a unique valve at a competitive price - and we succeeded!  

The hygienic double-seat mixproof valve APV DELTA DA3+ is the result of continued development and improvement of the APV DELTA D3+, which has proved to be successful for many years. One of the advantages is that after upper or lower seat lifting during the CIP pipeline cleaning, spraying of the leakage chamber is not imperative, due to the efficient cleaning of the leakage chamber being carried out by seat lifting. 


DЕ3+ Double Seat Valves


The APV DELTA DE3 double seat valve combines all the advantages of a modern mixproof valve: waterhammer protection, leakage free change-over operation, as well as easy service and maintenance. For applications which do not require a seat lifting device, the APV DELTA DE3 provides a cost effective alternative to the super-technology of the APV DELTA DA3+ valve. Due to its hygienic design, the APV DELTA DE3 valve is ideal for applications in industries such as brewery, beverage, dairy, as well as within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


DKR Mixproof Valves


Double seat ball valves APV DELTA DKR are proving their worth day by day in the fields of brewing, drinks technology, dairies and the food industry as well as in chemistry and pharmacology - worldwide! They were specially developed for use in industries where the highest priority is given to protection against the mixing of products.  


Main advantages

  • Safe separation of hostile mediums by means of two special seals
  • Timely detection of leakages in the event of wear on seal failure
  • Easy seal replacement
  • Water hammer safe design. Hygienic design ensures no product resides
  • CIP cleaning connections to flush the leakage room.
  • Compact, space-saving construction.
  • Cost-saving! Additional auxiliary valves for opening and closing the leakage chamber are not necessary.
  • The ball valve design allows full pipeline diameter, there is no diversion or narrowing of the product
  • All product contact parts are manufactured from AISI 316 series stainless steels and the seals are available in Teflon/EPDM, Teflon/ FPM or Teflon/silicone

SD4/SDM4 Mixproof Valves



The APV DELTA SD4 and APV DELTA SDM4 valves are (double seal) safe flow valves designed for safe media separation applications in the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The APV DELTA SDM4 is the aseptic version of the APV DELTA SD4.

The APV DELTA SD4 valve is available as a shut-off valve in 4 standard housing configurations. Other configurations are available on request.´


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