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DELTA CPV Process Valves

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The DELTA CPV constant pressure membrane valve is designed to ensure constant product pressures in the hygienic process technology and aseptic plants. It is suitable for use in the dairy, food, brewing, and beverage as well as personal care and pharmaceutical industries.







DELTA CPV is a constant pressure valve. The target is to keep a constant pressure, the free flow section at the valve seat is reduced or enlarged by the valve cone. Via the valve shaft, the cone is connected to a regulating membrane, which will be backed up with air at a set pressure.

The velve will suit you well in all industries for applications where a constant product pressure is a must.

Method of operation:

The effective principle of the pressure maintaining is based on the reduction and enlargement of the free flow section at the valve seat by the valve cone. This cone is connected to the regulating membrane via the valve shaft. The regulating membrane is backed up with air at a set pressure. Thus, if any product pressure changes occur, the valve membrane immediately reacts and changes the position of the cone, ensuring that the pre-set product pressure in maintained.


  • Capable of working in both flow directions (upstream and downstream)
  • Precise valve cone control with multi-layer flat membrane design
  • Minimum product loss because of the leakage detection


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